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Customize Your Own PC 

In Boncart you can customize your own computer from scratch. Are you new to do this, got no ideas? Here you can explore our customize guide to make your own PC. The major advantages in designing your own PC are

You can upgrade the internal hardware whenever you require, where this can’t be done in pre-built models

Create your own powerful desktop when compared to that high-end models

Each individual components you assemble carries its own warranty

Have complete control over the hardware and budget

To build your own PC following are the list of components that is required:

·         Motherboard

·         Processor

·         RAM

·         Hard Drive

·         Monitor

·         Keyboard

·         Mouse

·         Cabinet

·         SMPS

·         DVD Writer

·         Graphics Card

·         UPS

·         Speaker

·         Printer


Motherboards are the central nervous system of your computer. They are responsible for connecting and communicating between all important components inside. The motherboard you choose should be complementary to your processor and memory.

Select a motherboard in which you can install 2 RAM modules initially and will have room left over for memory upgrade in the future. The other factors you need to consider are SATA port, USB port, how many graphic cards you would require and overclocking support.


The three major factors in selecting CPU are performance, price and power consumption. Remember that while selecting a processor for the chosen motherboard it should have the same socket. If you want to perform multiple tasks simultaneously then it is recommended to choose multiple cores but to perform simple tasks like browsing, listening to music etc then you could select a higher per – core clock speed rather than a large number of cores.


Ram is where all your information will be stored. Having more memory means you can run more program at the same time. Select the memory capacity according to the usage. Making the memory run faster depends on how fast enough is your processor to make use of it.

Hard disk

This is where all your information is getting stored and when you start using them it will get loaded into memory. The two necessary factors in choosing Hard disk is speed and size.


Go for the best resolution screen for a crystal clear picture and also to display more information on the screen at the same time.


Select a reliable performance high-efficiency power supply with all necessary connectors and also with essential overload and over voltage protection.


A case can be selected based on motherboard form factor, choice of power supply and applications to be used.

DVD Writer

There are drives available in both read only and read and write format choose a reliable data storage device which provides a permanent storage solution.

Graphics CardGraphics card enhances your gaming experience and also enables a life like pictures.

Got an idea? Now you may start your PC building with the above information, but if you feel this task is little higher than your skill then you may opt one pre-built Desktop or Laptops from our Computers category.

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