CSR Policy


This policy is to form a guideline structure to improve the business process which reflects at the societies welfare either on short or long term basis which ultimately makes the company as a good corporate citizen.


CSR Activities

Bridging the education gap in rural areas through awareness programs and providing the basic facilities to build their knowledge.


We value your single paisa the most, you can start offering from 1 rupee to the amount you wish for your every purchase with Boncart. When this amount rises to a level we at Boncart will also add our valuable pennies and donate it to government registered trusts.  Donors if you wish to know how your single paise has been used, you could raise a mail and the corresponding department will process your request.


In order to implement these CSR activities company will allocate a budget for that financial year, monitoring the activities on a regular time basis and deciding the priority of the activities that should be undertaken first. CSR activities that have undertaken will be reflected in the annual report of the company.

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