Cancellation Policy

If you cancel the order before the product is shipped. Your entire amount will be refunded. In case if the product ordered is shipped and has not yet reached your place, you can still cancel your order online. Once we received the order back from the courier, your refund will be processed. Once the cancellation request is received, it will take a time of 10 business days to cancel your order and initiate refund. Orders cannot be canceled or amended with Boncart’s consent. Cancellation charges may be applied at Boncart’s discretion.  If you opt for having the money transferred back to the source of transaction, it may take up to 7-10 business days for the respective banks to process the refund. Please get in touch with the banks directly in case of any delays post confirmation of cancellation/refund by Boncart. If the item is being shipped with other order of yours or if the product is non-refundable you will not be able to cancel your order.

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