Tupperware Prep in Style Set - 8 Pcs

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This pack is consists of one mega magic flow, one midi magic flow, four modular spice shakers, one twistable peeler and a spice it container. Magic flow is designed to provide storage for liquid items such as oils and vinegar. Spice it comes with 7 removable cups to store the spices. Twistable peeler is designed for both right and left-hand users. 

TypePrep in Style Set
Number of Containers8
Additional Features• Magic Flow comes has a slanted spout that lets you pour without dripping and ensures even flow.

• The small vent close to the spout in the Magic Flow ensures excess oil spilt on seal goes back to the container.

• The double-hinged tops on the Spice Shakers make it easy to spoon or sprinkle your favourite spices.

• Magic Flow is ergonomically designed for easy grip.

• Spice It has a one-touch seal for easy and convenient opening/closing.

• The Junior Quick Shake comes with a removable blender wheel which makes it easy to blend and clean.

• Mega Magic Flow and Midi Magic Flow have capacities of 1.1 L and 650 ml respectively.

• Junior Quick Shake has a capacity of 250 ml.
In The Box
Included Components• Mega Magic Flow (1 pc)

• Midi Magic Flow (1 pc)

• Modular Spice Shakers (Set of 4)

• Twistable Peeler (1 pc)

• Spice It (1 pc)
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